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Need help understanding the Webflow Pricing Plan (for Agencies)

Hi there,

pretty new to Webflow, but I’m still finding the pricing model a little tricky for our agency. So, let me create a scenario, with the aim of someone being able to shed some light on the pricing model.

There will be 2 designers during the build process of the website
There will be roughly 2-3 content editors with the ability to make CMS collection edits
There will be one single login/admin access for the client to be able to make CMS edits also

Now how much would our agency be looking at, or what pricing model clearly explains this, as there are varying levels of web engagement.

I’m new here to and have similar questions. Looks to me like you will need an Account Plan for Teams at $35 per month per seat if you want genuine collaboration capability during development.

Assuming live sites are hosted with WebFlow you can have as many content editors as you like as they only access the CMS. To get this you (or your clients) need to purchase a Site Plan for each site. The basic one is no good as it doesn’t have CMS so you are looking at $16pm upwards for each live site.

Sadly, as much as I like the look of WebFlow, I would need considerably better bulk hosting prices or face losing most of all my current hosting profit.

If I’ve got this wrong hopefully an experienced ‘Web Flower’ can explain. Cheers

Hi Manofdogs,

I totally agree, the aim is to potentially scale and return a ‘decent’ profit from hosting a clients website, but I am having difficulties in being able to price this model properly.


I would also agree with both your statements. I have just come across webflow and I am very interested in the platform but the pricing has put me off unfortunately. Such a shame.

Here is what you need to pay as an agency:

Individual Account Plan (free or upgrade to Lite or Pro) +
Team Plan (min 2 seats) +
Hosting of each site ( Basic / CMS / Business / Ecommerce plans )

The billing of Team Plan and Individual Account Plan are separated. You may not need a Team plan if you do not need any projects to be shared among your teammates.

The “Designer” tool is a per account thing, and numbers of “Editor” is a limitation apply to different Hosting plans.

It’s quite difficult for new comer to understand indeed…

Hope it helps.