Webflow Pricing?

Just getting started with Webflow and looking into the pricing. I will get looking to create a few websites for small businesses in my spare time and trying to work out the costs. I would ideally like the sites to all be under my one Webflow account without setting up a new one for each business.

I will be paying monthly to start with. I am guessing I will be paying the following:

$20 per Month for my Site.

When I start adding clients to my account it will be at least $24 per month.

So a total of $44 per month to get my website online with custom domain and up to 10 clients? I know their hosting packages will be separate but they can be billed separately .

Thanks in Advance.

There’s only 1 big question when thinking about Webflow pricing: "Do I need to pay for an Account plan on top of my sites plans?"

  1. Any site that you will build and host on a custom domain (a domain that is not Webflow.io) will require a paid Site Plan (for Static site, CMS site or Ecommerce site).
  2. Any site with a paid site plan gets all the features offered by Webflow for a site except code export.
  3. An Account plan offers extra development features such as more or unlimited draft websites (called staging), better limits for a draft site (called Enhanced staging), the ability to transfer sites to another account or designer

For a CMS Site plan paid monthly, yes. And you will pay this for each of your sites. If you have 10 CMS sites with each its custom domain and a CMS Site plan, you’ll pay $200 per month.

I don’t understand this neither where the $24 are from. What do you call “clients”?

I made a site that’s offering another lecture or Webflow pricing, maybe it will help here: Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans

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