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Hosting price and features

Hello, I build websites for clients and manage it for them.

I use a plesk server to keep all my websites under one hosting control panel. Via the plesk interface I can create e-mail addresses, sub-domains or backups of my sites. I can go to 30 domains and this costs me 32,39€ per month.

Here are the two things I’d like to know:

  • Can I find these features on webflow and at what price?
  • Can I host 30 domains on webflow and at what price?

Thank you for your response.

Hello @Testing_Things,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes the pricing can get a bit confusing, but here is the core at what you need to know.

Account Plans:
There is no email control with Webflow, that must be through a 3rd party like Google GSuite, Microsoft Outlook, or other 3rd party services.
Also, for 10+ unmanaged projects/sites you would need the Pro Plan at $42 month.

Site Plans:
These plans are for hosting your site within Webflow. Hosting costs range based on what you need.

Hope this helps.

~Happy Designing

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your reply.
So let’s take an example for creating and managing 15 websites, each including 100 000 monthly visits.

I need to subscribe to:

  • 1 account pro plan that costs $42 month (So I can create and preview my 15 projects and launch sites)

but I also need to subscribe to:

  • 15x CMS site plan $16 month that costs $240 month (So I can host 15 websites)

Therefore the total cost would be $282 month ?

Can you also confirm if the counting of form submissions is done by month?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Testing_Things.

Yes and No.

The 15x CMS Site plan is accurate. However, the pricing of $16/month is what it works out to be if you pay for it annually (15 sites x $192 = $2,880 annually, not to mention if you used client billing for profit calculating) otherwise if paid month to month it is $20/month x 15 sites = $300 month x 12 months = $3,600 year.

You could do all that above and not pay for a PRO or Lite Account Plan.

However, if you wanted to add custom code or transfer the projects or keep anything more than 2 un-hosted projects on your dashboard then, YES, you would need to go with at min the Lite Account Plan.

The Lite Account Plan gives you up to 10 un-hosted projects/sites and then the PRO Account Plan gives you unlimited. Which means you can have any number from 1 to 100+ of started projects without having them have hosting added.

As for the form submission quota, that refreshes every month from the time of your billing cycle.

Hope that helps!