Subscription Add to Cart button disappears on Published site SOLVED

SOLVED: The problem was, I was using an Add to Cart button for a subscription, but subscriptions only work with Buy Now buttons.

Hey Webflow Gang,

I’ve come across a problem that I can’t solve after googling my brains out and going through these forums and I could use some help.

I finished my company’s website today and there is a subscription service involved as one of the products. This button shows up in Designer but on the published live site it disappears.

  • I’ve tried deleting it and adding back.
  • I’ve tried changing/adding it as Service with a Subscription
  • I’ve tried changing/adding it as an Advanced product with Subscription.

I’ve gone through every detail but any product I change to subscription the Add to Cart button disappears on the published site.

I did set up our Stripe account today, so I thought it might have something to do with that, but everything else seems to be working fine. All Steps for Ecommerce and account management have also been completed on WF.

It’s one of those things I’ve been playing with and trying to solve for hours but I am totally stumped on this one and I appreciate the community’s help.

Thanks in advance everyone.


It’s the Service Subscription button towards the middle of the page under Get Started and above Sensors.

EDIT: When I switch the product to one-time payment and not subscriptions the add to cart button stays. So, it’s something to do with my subscriptions.

SOLVED: The problem was, I was using an Add to Cart button for a subscription, but subscriptions only work with Buy Now buttons.

Good catch William,

We ran into this same problem a few weeks ago and wrote a help doc for it, but I should have posted here in Webflow as well :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in expanding your subscription options on your site, take a look at our Monto Subscription app – it has a lot more options than the new webflow one.

Hi everyone,

today I was setting up an e-commerce website with subscription and wasted some time figuring this out. As of now, the requirement to display "Subcribe now " button are as follows (apart from general store setup like product with subscribe billing, business address, currency review,… etc.):

  1. button “Buy now” must be enabled in Add to cart element
  2. button “Buy now” must not be deleted from Add to cart element (should not be possible anymore, did not tested)
  3. Stripe account must be connected
  4. e-commerce plan has to be purchased
  5. checkout has to be enabled
  6. site has to be published (at least staging env.)

I did not find this in docs, but maybe it is there somewhere.

Hope this helps someone