Ecommerce Submit Button Not Submitting

I’m trying to build a subscription based site, since that’s not an option yet I seen where you could integrate zapier to turn the order into a subscription. I added the subscription in ecommerce as a service with no shipping required. I also added in a promo code. It said all steps were complete for the ecommerce setup. I developed the checkout and order confirmation pages. I toggled to no shipping, hide billing address, and conditions: requires shipping is on. and I published the site. I just want a buy now button throughout the site to take you directly to checkout. It does this, then when I go to submit the order it doesn’t submit. Is it possible to place order with the site? Did I set up something wrong? Also is there a way to have a 100% off coupon but it still capture payment information for the swap to subscription integration?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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