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Subdomain Question


I have been looking around the forum and have found how to add a subdomain, but I can’t find a definitive answer to this so I am hoping someone can help me out:

We have a website we are looking to redo, ‘’. They also use ‘’. In this particular case we want to redo ‘’ but not touch ‘’.

Is this possible with Webflow hosting? I just want to make sure we don’t crash their subdomain site which would have to remain hosted elsewhere.



Yes this needs to be set in the Domain Registrar admin panel. You’ll have to get on the phone with your Registrar support. Normally all that needs to happen is the purchase of “1 Domain” ( Then in the Registrar admin, you’ll add sub-domains ( They will help you set this up, all you need is the references from Webflow to give them.

Type, Host, Points To, Cname proxy information.

But all this needs to be handled by your Registrar Domain Support. They’ll get you set up. Have this page open when you’re on the phone with them:

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