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Subdomain Only Hosting


I am gearing up to launch a client site - and Ive realize there may be a problem with my thinking…

They are wanting to point ONLY a subdomain over to me, and leave the main site alone.

In understand the A records - but what I don’t understand is whether I need to ask them to add a CNAME for me as well, and if so, what would it be? Because they can’t add a www record, right?

What can I do to make sure both the version works alongside the

Any help appreciated! Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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If you are setting up only a subdomain, you only need to use CNAME.

Add to your Webflow settings, and you should see what records to add to your DNS settings. For example, if you add the subdomain to your Webflow projects hosting settings, in your DNS settings for your domain you will then add a CNAME record, with these settings:

Check out this guide from Webflow for more info

www is itself a subdomain (albeit a special one), so is not a valid subdomain. Try to add www before for example in your browser, and you will get an error.