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Is there a way of stylising a CMS collection in grid instead of it just piling up left/right or up/down. I have a finalised style i would like for the page but not sure how to get the information from a cms collection on there.

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Im not sure I understand the question - are you asking if you can apply the display: grid setting to CMS items? If so, then yes. Just go to the CMS Collection List item inside the Collection list. Here you can change the display settings to Grid.

I understand you can do that to an item. However I want to do it to the list it self but, the items will just collate left to right then stack downwards. If you see the page linked, the design is a little scattered and not every blog post title has an image behind it.

Ahh, I see now. To accomplish this effect with CMS, I’d probably create multiple CMS collections, then use a parent grid to style them in the position you want. Use the “Limit/Start at” filter to show the correct items.

There might be a more advanced grid-styling system using CSS, I’m not quite sure about that though.

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oh yeas i see what you mean.

I have tested that and it works great, thank you for helping. Is there away of changing the order in the CMS. for example if limit is 1 and is set at 1. what controls that CMS item being “1” can I change that to date? I am guessing as a default it is the item ID.

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That’s great! So without assigning any sorting in the settings panel, the default “1” will likely be the latest one created. If you want to arrange by date published/edited/created/etc… or alphabetically by name, you can do so by adding a sorting filter.

If you wanted a custom order, you could also create an additional CMS collection called Ranking, then assign to your original CMS item with a reference field

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