For CMS collection list, what order in number is Limited Items (Display Limits) based on?

I have a Sorting field in my CMS 1-5 (new to old). While I am trying out the Limited items in Limited Items under Display Limits, I can’t seem to set the order as I configured in CMS. If I set 1-5, the page displays from old to new instead. Is there a way to change the order or that’s the way it is for now?

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Hi David,

You’ll need to share your readonly project link, and indicate on which page and section to look.

The instructions are at the bottom of your post.

Thanks for the reminder! Forgot to share… My question is mainly on the Home and Work pages where I display projects. Currently, I set projects in order of 1-5 (new to old / top to bottom) in CMS. While I might be adding more projects in the future and I wonder if it is possible to just have the numbers going up and start from, say 8, 7, 6, and so on, instead of re-editing the numbers from 1?

Here is my public share link: LINK

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Thank you so much, Michael! You got all my thoughts sorted out! In fact, I did have my collection list set up more properly on my Works page but wanted to create a different look for the Home page. What you demonstrate in the video opens so much more possibilities, very exciting! Thanks again!