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Isotope grid with only native CMS

Hey everyone!

Im looking to add a CMS grid to my page. It’ll be displaying videos. Ideally id like them to be lightbox thumbnails and when clicked they expand. However, since I’ll be adding new videos somewhat frequently id like to go the CMS route and id like to add filters at the top of the grid (film, motion graphics, animation, ALL, etc) so the site visitor can quickly filter down whats they want to see. Is this something i can do with the native CMS (and how) or do i have add something else on?

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Yes, you can use CSS Grid along with your CMS collections! If you’re looking for a realtime filtering system, check out Otherwise you can create a static page with all of the videos in the grid, then create a CMS collection such as “Categories” with the film, motion, animation, fields you’ve described. Go to the template page for that Collection and paste the same grid from the static page. But since you’re on a dynamic template page you can set a filter on the collection list where “Category equals Current Category”.

Hope that helps steer you in the right direction!

I’ve actually done exactly what you’re describing in the past: