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Style Manager cleaning up all of my styles!

I was working away on my website today and noticed I had 443 unused styles out of nowhere! I cleared them out of curiosity and ended up having half of my site’s styles disappear.


Hey @moofawsaw,

Could you duplicate your site, and then restore backup on the first one. (so you have two versions, one with the old classes, one with the deleted classes).
Might help WF guys to see what happened.

Hi @moofawsaw it looks like you’re using many custom code embeds on your project.

Do you have non-custom code elements using those styles on pages within your project?

In order for a class to register as being used within a project, the styles would need to be applied to non-custom code elements in your project.

When I tried removing styles on a duplicate of your project I saw 143 styles to clean up so I’m working to reproduce the described behavior on my end. :confused:

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Hey @Waldo

I have a lot of custom JS in my before body so the references like currentColor won’t have any styles.

Note that after checking today, there are now only 67 styles to cleanup (even though there still should be none).

Hey @Waldo

The issue still remains. I cleared the styles (now over 100) and all of the styles on one of my CMS template pages were removed…

@Waldo @zbrah

Hey guys,

Check out this video I capture showing something strange that is happening inside of the designer.

When I click around the CMS Template pages you will notice the cleanable styles number drops each time I cycle through. And while I’m still nervous about the other 100 styles remaining, it seems when I cycle through all of the pages and then clean, the published version still holds onto my styles unlike before when they removed them completely from the page.

I’ not sure why clicking and loading the page in the designer helped recognize that the styles were in use.

Wow @moofawsaw that’s weird. I let super waldo answer to you about this, or maybe @Brando (yo bro ;)) has a clue. It’s outside my area of expertise sorry :frowning:

Alright I’m starting to get frustrated…

Now my w–tab classes aren’t automatically initializing on page load…None of my tabs are opening unless I click them.

I restored an older version and published where the tabs were visible and if I made any small change (removing a non tab related class name) and re-published, the tabs stopped initializing.

I don’t think it’s something on my end because if I remove all of the custom code on the page with the issue (and all of my header/footer code) it still happens, the tabs aren’t initializing.

P.S this is now site wide. All tabs on every page aren’t initializing.

@moofawsaw thank you so much for reaching out again!

It looks like the tab initialization issue may be due to having multiple jQuery references on your site.

I noticed that you have this serving up in your custom code area of your site:
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Can you please try removing that and re-publishing the site to see if that resolves the tabs initialization error?

Can you also please post some screenshots and let me know which pages the tabs are on which are not initializing exactly? :bowing_man:‍♂️ Thank you so much!

Hey @Waldo

I removed all of my header/footer code just to be sure and the issue remains.

All of my tabs on every page aren’t initializing so screenshots won’t help.

Also I need to call that jquery in order for some of my functions to work. And that has been in my code since before the issue started happening anyway.

Here is my website with literally everything removed except a tab bar. There are no styles, there is no custom code on any page, and I deleted all interactions and symbols.

As you can see, the tab bar does not show the wf-active class when the page loads.

This has become quite the inconvenience and my site has been out of service for a few days in an attempt to try and figure out what’s happening.

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