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Can't clean up unused styles

I have a site that contains a couple of “alerts” and that’s it. I would like to export it for use with another project. This was a duplication of a different site. I have deleted everything except for the alerts themselves but much of the old used styles remain and I cannot clean them up.

Not sure why they are hanging around?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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So you’re only seeing “Red” exclamation alerts for the interactions? You’re not talking about the class names right?

Yes, I am talk about the classes.

There should only be a few styles needed to support the items defined in the project yet Webflow is keeping a significant amount of unused styles in the right hand menu. I am unable to clean them up (remove them). These styles are not being used at all in the site so I should be able to “clean them up” and leave only the styles I am using.

This makes for a messy export when the people using it have manual remove the unused styles from the CSS file.

Bottom line, Webflow’s “Clean Up” should remove all unused styles. For some unknown reason in this project it’s not. For example, in the image below the styles outlined in green are not used anywhere in the site.


Hmm, I never seen styles that aren’t used stay. They must be connected to something in that project. Troubleshoot this:

  1. The project in question, unpublish it first.
  2. Then copy the project, give a different test name.
  3. Try to remove styles first.
  4. Delete all symbols, try remove styles again.
  5. Go page by page, start at bottom and delete page, try to remove again noticing which ones delete.
  6. Delete one page at a time, repeat deleting styles.

Try this method and see what happens.

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