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Stripe pay now checkout

Hi there,

I have a client that wants to add a simple STRIPE ‘PAY NOW’ feature to their website that allows a customer to enter in any payment amount and invoice number and be able to make payment? Is this a simple STRIPE checkout integration and can it be configured into Webflow?

See example websites where it’s done:

can anyone offer any assistance with this?

Hi @Bammedia! Feel free to look into Memberstack for this. You will have to pre-set amounts and have the user select one of those though.

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@Bammedia, to use stripe checkout you’ll need to setup “products” price in advance in your stripe dashboard for the user to choose from.

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Hi, that’s what i thought… but then I see other websites who are using STRIPE but with the functionality of entering in and paying whatever amount you like. How is this done?

This is done using a client-server-side integration. The Stripe Checkout feature is a client-side only solution. If you can do server-side development, you can allow the user to enter any amount he likes.

Thanks for your response. Being honest ‘server-side development’ means nothing to me! I got in touch with STRIPE support to try gather more information and support about this and they advised me.

“Webflow can write their own rules when it comes to your Stripe account, and they decide what processors get welcomed into their ‘world’, so it’s in your best interests when I say it makes sense to have them explain this one.”

Essentially what I’m taking from this is it’s not supported in Webflow…!

Well it is possible to have a Stripe Checkout module on your webflow website, only your users won’t be able to enter the amount they like - they will have to choose from a set of predefined amounts that you’ve setup within your Stripe account.

Server-side means you need a server to run some code, client-side means the code is being executed within the user’s browser from the webpage he is on.

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