Stripe Integration without Webflow E-Commerce

Can I integrate Stripe for payment without using a Webflow E-Commerce Package?

I just want to have a simple payment form with stripe. Is it possible to do so without Webflow E-Commerce?

If not then what will be the best option for me?

I have questioning my self in past with identical problem as I want to add only donation section to non-profit organisation without turning their page to E-commerce. I thing that is possible with Stripe API, but I didn’t succeed as I’m learning how to work with API’s and still struggling with CMS Webflow-API as weblow doesn’t provide clear examples. I believe that for someone who works with APIs on daily bases is documentation fine but for me it is a bit hard to make POST to work.

Hope that someone who have experience how to do that or from webflow team will confirm that it is possible to add simple payment without turning page into e-commerce or if there are some restriction on standard site that will make it impossible.

Sure, you can use Stripe client-side Checkout module. It requires a Stripe account and you setting up product or subscriptions you want to sell directly within Stripe dashboard. With a bit of custom code, you can then inject the PiceID API of your product within your webflow project.

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Is it possible with Zapier?

Hi can you please point me to this as I cant find this term on Stripe. Thank you

I think we can do this with Zapier

I know about zapier or integromat but these are another middlewares. I always trying to avoid as many other services as I can if is possible to do that without them. Harder way for me but preferred.

Hey can you please make a video demo of this

I think he is referring to the Price ID API. Within a product there is a Pride ID associated with every pricing option you add to a product. If you go complete the necessary fields in the settings, you can then get a code snippet from each price.

The code snippets take care of everything for basic client-side integration. Including loading stripe.js to your site. Sometimes it takes a few tries though, heads up.

I need to create a promo code for my Stripe Checkout, is that possible?
I’ve read the Stripe docs and haven’t been able to figure it out using the client-only integration.
Is there a way to use client-server integration on Webflow?

Hi @reina, to my knowledge it is unfortunately not possible to generate coupon or promo codes for the client-side Stripe Checkout integration. To use client-server integration, you’d need a server - webflow doesn’t give you this opportunity unfortunately.

Hi @anthonysalamin, Thank you for the response!
That is disappointing though; promo codes are pretty basic.
We were looking into Webflow’s ecommerce add-on as well but it does not support recurring payments!