Static proposal vs actual clickable from WF

Probably many of you designers have worked with PS or another tool for making design proposals and show them static images. When you’re working with Webflow do you show your design proposals directly with Webflow or do you have the same workflow as before and just adding the clickable design later?

If you’re working only with Webflow what are the reactions from clients and how do you prepare them for the difference?
Would love to here some thoughts on how this works both for clients and for you as a designer.


I think one of the best benefits of Webflow is the speed at which you can prep a prototype. In my experience, clients prefer to have a clickable prototype to really get the feeling and flow of the site. That being said I don’t always design with Webflow in the beginning.

I usually use Sketch for the initial design, then when I am content with it, I knock out a prototype Webflow. This works for me because it lets me focus on just the design and not the development. The development will sometimes distract me from the design, or I will get stuck on one small detail for far too long. Sketch allows me to also see the design on all fronts without having to click through breakpoints. For me, it helps with the UI/UX of systemic designs!

Nothing works better than Webflow for prototyping and executing my designs though! Still the best tool out there :smiley: