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Best Way to Share and Get Feedback from Clients

I am new to Webflow and wondering what is best way to show clients a site in development and get feedback? I know I can use the staging site or send a read-only link buts what is the preferred method? Can they submit notes back to me?

Send your client a link to the site and have a phone call with him while You both browsing the site. That’s what I would do :slight_smile:

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I normally create mockups in XD, Sketch, or Figma . The client has already signed off on the design. Then when built in webflow, and ready for a live review, I share a published version as a staging instance via a shared conference. That way I can control the presentation and keep things focused. I make changes then do it again. Get approval and invoice for last progress payment. Then I publish the staged site for them to play with and address any issues as needed. That is how I roll.

I am debating about just designing in browser or using a design tool. I used to use Sketch or Affinity Designer but was trying to get away from that a bit