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Design Workflow - PS, AI & Sketch

Hi all, I’m interested to know the impact Webflow has had on your design flow and your workflow in general.

I’ve found that I have gone from sketching with a pad and pen to jumping straight into creating a prototype with Webflow where possible. I still use Photoshop and lately a bit of sketch to do full layouts. Has anyone else found this?

Also If you are still using Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch etc. do you create a .PSD for every page of a website you are making or just one and use layers effectively?

I design in sketch, create a new board for each page then prototype in webflow.

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I’m kind of skipping PS and Sketch for full mockups. I draft with pen and paper, mockup with Balsamiq and go straith to Webflow with it. Sometimes it’s needed to make a full static design so I use PS, Sketch or AI, depending of the content. It usually a mix of the 3 anyway.

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Do you both think that the new CMS update with the dynamic structures will have any impact on your design process? I’m wondering if there is clearer way to indicate objects that are intended to update with client interaction or user input.

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