Webflow is a great tool for App prototyping

It is our first attempt at prototyping an application with Webflow (a more complex one) and we find that Webflow is indeed a great app prototyping tool! We could make it installable and the experience was very similar to a native app.

Still work-in-progress, but happy to share:
Preview here, simulating the screen of iPhone 12 Pro

I also put it on Made in Webflow’s showcase:
STOCKVINS – App Prototype - Webflow

( Tips: Safari and Firefox are recommended. Some browsers like Chrome limit the min font size by default, and you can remove it in the settings. )

Creating an app prototype like this may require some additional skills than creating a website, with lots of custom codes used. But the result is a very realistic app experience that can be shared among teams, customers, stakeholders, and developers. Handoff and making changes are quick and easy.

We also use figma to present more page animations that are hard to create on Webflow. Indeed, there are many things Webflow can’t do, such as super fancy smooth interactions and page transitions like native, or otherwise requires even more coding.

Cheers! let me know what you think~

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