Starting anew 🧐

Since I have a paid Basic plan, thus not being able to Delete a site/project without downgrading to the Free plan, is there a way to initialize / reset back to ‘Factory Specs’?

I’ve deleted all content and pages but there is still over a dozen style classes remaining.

I would like to start over with a CLEAN slate.


If styles are not bound to elements you can clean them out using the toggle in the upper right of the style panel.

Yes! The ‘remove’ list. That didn’t answer my question.

I’ve deleted all but the home page and cleared ALL content (elements if that’s the word you prefer).
There are still over a dozen Selectors on the list AFTER clearing the ‘remove’ list.

Elements affected . . . None :exclamation:

WF Support has the cure.

  • Create a new FREE site
  • Go to for the PAID site
  • Transfer the Paid site to the Free site
  • The (new) FREE site now becomes the PAID site.

For a clean slate, consider manually deleting unused styles and elements, or create a new project with the desired styles.