How to -- delete items from style manager

I have started my project over again about 8 times. I can’t seem to get a fresh, empty page to start over with. Even with all elements deleted, items are still showing in the style manager that come back to haunt my project. How to delete them? Or, how to start over with a completely blank slate? Thanks

This will clean up all unused styles, is it what you’re looking for? As for the used styles, it’s normal they are appearing as propositions when you type some new ones. This is intended to happen, styles are shared for a whole site, not per page.

Does this help?


Thank you for your response. I think I did not ask the question correctly. What if I no longer want to use a style EVER – for instance, that first one, “video bg”. If I want to totally delete that style, is that possible? Thank you.

@GhostTrain what @vincent said will do that :smiley:

The “clean up” will erase ANY style that is not used anymore in the website.

If you click the clean up it will come with a list of unused styles. You can review the list before clicking again to erase the unused styles forever.

Two clicks – got it. Many thanks.

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