How would I reset my Project

I would like to reset everything. I would like to get rid of the classes and everything to start over. Does anyone know how to do this? I have a problem because as I have been learning on a plan how to use weblfow and this could be the reason I am struggling to get this done. Please help.

Hi, Andile! Just to clarify, are you wanting to start fresh on a blank project, or just remove your styling and keep the content that’s there?

Hi Chris. I would like to have a fresh start. Since I was still new I have placed a whole lot of different styling and they are affecting my progress. I just want everything removed.

There is no content Chris. I was just learning to work with webflow and kept creating and removing things so I want to actually work on it now but the classes are irritating me.

Thanks for clarifying. You could simply delete the project and start a new one from scratch. From

You can delete a project from your dashboard by clicking the ellipsis ( ) beneath your project thumbnail, and choosing delete in the project menu.