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How to start over / reset website

I’ve been goofing around with webflow creating a test website. I upgraded to the CMS so that I could play around with those features. Now I’d like to start over from scratch. Is there a way to blank out the website?

  • There doesn’t seem to be a backup of the original state. So I can’t use backups to get back to the blank website

  • If I try to delete the website, it says I have to cancel my site’s subscription, which I don’t want to do as I don’t want to have to pay again to start a new cms website.

  • I can delete all the pages and then delete all the elements on the homepage. Then clear all the classes. But I don’t see how to reset any changes made to global classes (ie “Body (All Pages)”)


As long as you are building site on Webflow subdomain and using paid account you can use CMS for free and don’t have to pay for CMS hosting. The only thing that will be not available “Editor/collaborator” role.

If I’m not wrong, when you cancel you can email support to request a refund of the prorated portion in credits to offset the next payment.

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