How to remove all styles (and interactions) and start again from scratch? On paid plan?!

Hello all
Tried to look this up but couldn’t find an answer.

I started a website on a paid plan (using an existed template), and so far was not happy with what I did so I wanted to start again and remove everything I did (content + styles + CMS). Any way to that?
If not, is there a way to delete all styles (and any other save interactions) all at once?
*I tried already go to back up but since it was started using a templte so It will return me to the first template (which I don’t)
** Tried to delete the website, but it asked me to cancel the hosting plan (which I dont want don’t want as well)

Thank you

Go to your Projects page and then chose ‘Backups’. Here you can go back to the first backup and restore. Then you at the start of your projects again.

Thank you for quick reply!
As I mentioned before, I started from a Template in day 1. So that is not applicable in my case.
Please read the other notes I wrote and help me if you have a solution for that.

Sorry, was a little fast there.
Maybe this answer from a Webflow staff member helps?

Are you referring to the Templates you can choose to start from when creating a new site?

If so, then unfortunately, once you’ve created and started working on a site, you can’t go back and change the Template. If you take a closer look at the different Templates, they are all actually completely different pages with different default content, styles, etc. So they aren’t really the same thing as “themes.”

To use a different template, you will actually have to create a new site and start from scratch.

Thank you,
Unfortunate I already saw and it is not helping in my case

Why don’t you just delete all pages and classes and start again?

I tried deleting the pages, but styles remained there. If there is a way to delete multiple styles all at once, that will be great

Yup. Delete the pages then go to the Style Manager - top right - three little drips and press Clean Up.

Thank you. I’m deleting the pages now and cleaning the site. Seems that is the best solution so far. Appreciated

No problem, good luck.

Just for the record (in case if someone else was looking for a similar issue), I contacted webflow support and they offer to this solution:

Create a new project with the same template, and I can transfer the hosting to the new project
This option will require me (or someone from Webflow Support) to initiate a hosting transfer to a new project for you. Doing this means you can keep the old project (with all the styles and CMS) and have a brand new project with a clean version of the template.

That is followed by some suggested validation steps as well.

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