SSL Certificate with WebFlow and GoDaddy

Is this effort hard to do… I have a Ecwid Store embedded into the Webflow site… But when customers go to the site it says the site is not secure… I do not know why WebFlow does not offer SSL Certificates Anyway … any suggestions on how to do this without Messing up my Emails with Google etc.

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I’ve never set up an SSL cert with Go Daddy but this pricing is insane. I made a video which might be of interest to you where I show hosting a Webflow site with Firebase which gives you a free SSL cert for your site that get set up automatically.

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Webflow Team Helped me with the correct SSL DNS Records,

Here is the Web Flow Email Fix…

Thanks for getting in touch about the SSL, I am here to help. It looks like the domains are currently pointed at our non-ssl servers. You will need to update the domain dns settings to point to our SSL servers, you can see those records here:

Once the dns records are updated at the domain registrar or service where your domain is managed, it should publish correctly.

I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist further.


Its built into Webflow but you have to change the DNS to the Secure DNS Records… Which I did not know.

Because, What I don’t Know is A LOT.