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SSL Seems Legit but isn't working for me

Hello community,

I have linked my custom domain with the correct SSL details and receive a green connected status.

But am still unable to visit my site securely


Not sure what I’ve missed.

Here is my site Read-Only:

(how to share your site Read-Only link)

When your site is SSL, everything you are linking inside of it must be SSL. If you havean iframe somewhere, the source must be SSL, if you have linked resources, sources must be SSL, scripts, sources must be SSL…

Crawl your code for HTTP, and each time you’re finding a non HTTPS link, that’s potentially what makes your site break.

What’s happening really? Google is pushing for all sites to be SSL (that can be viewed as too much, or stupid, but they have so much power, we’re obliged to comply). SSL guaranties that the exchanges are secure. But as soon as you’re using non https resources in the page, the page cnnot be considered fully secure. Worse, it can be considered as a page that is trying to trick users into thinking it’s SSL when in fact it’s not fully… hence the browser blocking the page.

I have JUST solved it as you posted. I went into my Control Panel and reset all the DNS records then started from scratch. I really appreciate the help as always! Such a cool crew.


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