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Spread the word with Facebook

Hi everyone,

I think it’s in the benefit of all to spread the world about Webflow:

  • The more users join in, the more Webflow’s support and dev team will grow

  • The more people talk about it, the more Webflow will attract big and better businesses

  • If the community grows, then the R&D of Webflow will be motivated to push more edgy updates (even though the updates keep coming and coming on a week basis… Hard yet great work)

Here’s a recent (great, simple, yet effective) ad I’ve seen on Facebook:

Your best move would be either to share the official pages or the official site:


Thanks for helping spread the word and drum up support for Webflow, @Zacchino!

You’re totally right that the more people we can get to hear about Webflow and start using it, the more we’re going to be able to grow – and the faster we’ll be able to keep on improving our product.

Thanks again!