How fast is the Webflow community growing?

We are pitching for a piece of work. The potential client is nervous about Webflow as (i) she hasn’t heard of it before (ii) they got stuck with their previous CMS as they couldn’t find any developers for it.

Does anyone have any good stats on how fast the Webflow community is growing? I feel it is growing so fast that there is no risk of getting stranded without developers, but would love a stat or graph to prove it.

Alternatively - any other ideas of ways to answer this question:

Can you tell me anything to reassure me about the number of UK developers familiar with Webflow, large organisations that currently use Webflow, example agencies that use Webflow so I know we’d have options in the future?

Hi Andrew!

Today is the perfect day to show off some of the community.
Invite her to the Global Open House (you come too). Is a community organised event and the theme, this year, is community :grin:
If you need more info check out

Last year was my introduction to webflow’s community and the amazing people in it. And it was a blast!

Hope to see you there!!!