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Space bar stopped working

Has anyone else found that the spacebar has stopped working in the editor this morning? I’m using Chrome. Never had this issue before.

Can confirm that Designer will not allow a second space between two words/characters in any p element as of 06:17 PT.

Edit: Confirmed using macOS 10.12 on Chrome 53 (53.0.2785.116) and Safari 10.0 (12602.

Edit 2: Uploaded video below. You’ll hear spacebar keystrokes to demonstrate that repeated presses do not insert extra spaces beyond a single space between two words/characters in headings or text elements inside of the Webflow Designer.

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Hey @nickec, @McGuire,

We made the change a couple days ago and announced it here:

There are a few reasons for this, but it was primarily driven by the fact that on the web, multiple adjacent spaces collapse into one. You can still add a non-breaking space using shift + space for non-breaking behavior. non-breaking spaces can also be used adjacent to each-other if it’s needed.

We previously used a number of very tricky hacks to automatically alternate regular and non-breaking spaces so it felt like we were allowing multiple consecutive ‘regular’ spaces. However figuring out the difference between a non-breaking space you added and a non-breaking space we auto-added leads to a lot of edge cases that are difficult to reason about as a designer. eg: “I hit spacebar a bunch of times and then backspaced some of them, now this sentence doesn’t break where I expect.”

So we’ve taken the same approach as Medium’s editor and disallowed adding multiple consecutive spaces unless you intentionally want to add non-breaking space.

I hope that clears up the confusion. :sunny:

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@YoavGivati, that is awesome! Thanks for the detailed explanation. :slight_smile:

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