Extra space after capital letters?

I’m experiencing a very strange bug where the spaces on the right sides of capital letters are extra large, so all my copy looks terrible (to me). This can be fixed by manually deleting and retyping a space around the capitals. Screenshot here showing the results:


Clearly I can’t do this for all the copy on my site.

Here is my site Read-Only: read only link. It’s on the CNC Posters page. Scroll down a bit and click on the only image / project.

Hold up—it looks SHIFT + SPACE creates a non-breaking space.

  1. This isn’t represented in the keyboard shortcuts panel, (helpful on other days!) and

  2. the space is much wider than ordinary spaces. Is there any way we could have the option to disable this functionality?

  3. When you’re typing in all caps or an acronym, it’s common to hold the SHIFT key and press space at the end of a word. Am I the only one this affects?

Hi There @joshchamberlain,

Why are you using spacing with the space bar? Why not just use the kerning option? It will help eliminate this issue and it is designed specifically for these types of issues.

Take a look at this little video where I speak about letter spacing and kerning.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the quick response!

I am using the space bar to put spaces between words—the tracked out ABCDEFG was just to illustrate the difference in the length of the standard space and non-breaking space. It became an issue when I typed things like “DAAP RPC” or “UC design” because my finger doesn’t always leave the shift key before I hit the space bar. Now that I know this I can be more careful while I type, I guess…but it occurs to me that if people don’t know this shortcut exists they’ll use it by accident all the time.



Thanks for explanation. However, the Shift + Spacebar has been a part of HTML and CSS for over a decade in design and development. You were just made aware and that can be a bit off beat for you.

If you want check out some common shortcuts on the developers.mozilla.com page for common HTML, CSS, and code scripts.

Thanks, Brandon.

I’m a type nerd—I can’t find an example of this shortcut being used for nonbreaking spaces anywhere. More frequently, in every industry standard text entry system I was able to research, it’s something like Ctrl + Space specifically because typing in all caps using Shift causes unexpected results with nonbreaking spaces. The only example I have ever encountered, or was able to encounter after a few hours’ research, exists in Webflow.

Are you able to provide an example of a text editor where Shift + Space is a shortcut for any type of space? I wasn’t able to find anything on the mozilla developer resource you provided.

Either way, the non-breaking space being ~double the width of a standard space means that it can’t be used regularly anyway. edit: this is probably an issue with my uploaded font—perhaps Webflow is selecting the fixed width non-breaking space glyph? Maybe my feature request would be to not select that one, or give us an option to disable this shortcut! I do most of my typing in Webflow, and I shudder to think how many non-breaking spaces are out there in my copy waiting for the wrong screen size to look ugly…


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