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Can't type spaces

Suddenly I have some text fields where I can’t type spaces. If I do they just don’t appear. I can insert them AFTER I’ve typed though, but not WHILE typing. Very strange and very frustrating.

Hey @Mowgli!

Thanks for reaching out! This sounds like an odd behavior :/ Can you give us a share link to your website and - ideally - make a GIF with what is not working for you? Or maybe make a quick video with audio feedback over what you’re doing and what is not working for you. That would help a lot!

I’ll be standing by for your response! :)

Hi thanks for your reply.
My ongoing problem is that I can’t share links due to NDA. Besides that I work to extremely tight deadlines and have no time for making videos etc right now. I can just about afford to quickly post on the forum. I will come back when I have time.

Same happened here, but not always. After I then deselect the paragraph/text block and reselect it, I can add the spaces where needed.

Possible linked update that may have caused this change:

Same here! It’s not happening just with the rich text but everything.

I just ran into this same problem with a new site I created today. I too believe it is linked to the rich text editor tweak although I am not using a rich text box. I received a pop up saying something about typing shift + space for consecutive spaces even though I am typing a single space.

Refreshing my browser helped solve the issue for me at least for now.

@bart Now I am trying to use the rich text block and I can not type any spaces and the refresh isn’t effective because I lose my changes.

Here is a gif of this issue. Basically every time you see the red line pop up where no space appears, I actually did type the space. When I go back and type the space again at the spot that it was omitted I am able to type it. You also see the warning message pop up.

Hey @Mowgli, @rowan, @samliew, @aaronocampo, and @dapitts08.

The update affected all typographic nodes. Based on the screencap it looks like the caret is either just before or just after a space when it’s being ignored, but works when it’s not adjacent to a space.

We have a ux fix that addresses this, that should make it out today, where hitting spacebar for a regular space (with the caret before a space or non-breaking space) will behave similarly to pressing the right arrow, and make the writing experience a little more natural.

I’ll post back here when the fix is live. :dove:

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The fix should be live. @Mowgli, @rowan, @samliew, @aaronocampo, @dapitts08. Hopefully it feels a bit more fluid now. :sunny:


Seems to behave more natural

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