Is it possible to type a non breaking space?


I’m looking for a way to enter a non breaking space ( ) when editing text in webflow.
I tried alt+space on a mac.

Ok it is possible to EMBED Code and then just type the & nbsp; by hand.



Haha, isn’t it such a surprise that a co-founder of Discourse (this forum platform) is Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stackoverflow…

Anyway, I do love this forum platform - I will definitely use it for future projects.

Seriously? I thought their software is not yet available. I didn’t notice any Discourse branding. But yeah that explains it :wink:

I really like reading stackoverflow but for new users it can be quite demotivating, hope Discourse won’t be like that.

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Hi Adri,

The proper way to make follow up messages to the original post is to edit your original post and put something like:

Ok it is possible to EMBED Code and then just type the & nbsp; by hand.

Hi Bryyant,

Ok I edited my original post and deleted my reply.


Sound way to intense … How can I do this for one word in the middle of a huge paragraphe ? I know I can edit this thing in a external editor but I just don’t want to do it.  

btw, I consider myself a power WF user :slight_smile:
Cheers !

@devmtl, I’m experimenting right now with adding  s directly in our text editor. Stay tuned!

Any suggestions for keyboard shortcuts? Option/Alt+Space?

Thanks !! any shortcut you 'd like. I’m in !

Should be good to go! If you just keep pressing space, Webflow will have spaces intermixed with   elements, like so: "            ". But if you hold Shift-Space, the space will be forced to convert to a   element, so you can have a bunch back to back. Try it out and let us know how it’s working for you.


Hi Vlad, no luck here … See the videocast :

Cheers !

Hey @devmtl, I actually didn’t see it break in the video once you held down shift. If you just clear the space, then press Shift+Space and export your code, could you post the exact HTML that you see? Do you see something like H2H&nbps;2J2 in the HTML or does it look like H2H 2J2?

You’re in the code it seems OK ! Next step is to be able see this thing :slight_smile:

<br>Montréal &nbsp;Québec &nbsp;H2H&nbsp;2J2

Hmm, do you have a published link where you see it actually wrap over in the middle of the postal code? That would almost seem like a browser quirk, but I would need to take a closer look at the actual published site to get a closer look.

Hi Vlad,

sorry I din’t get it :scream: So is it possible to use none breaking space in web flow or not? If yes how?

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Yes, nice question here! How to use none breaking space?

Hi Vlad and others,

Today I had luck! I found out that the non breaking space works now! I’m working with Safari 9.0.1 on a Mac. To me this is new.

To keep two words that need to be in the same line of text, type: ALT-space instead of a regular space.

If I am not wrong, previously, if you typed more than 1 space, webflow would automatically replace this by just 1 space. This has changed, hasn’t it? Now I can type more than 1 space and they remain visible as separate spaces in the text I typed. (Although, when I copy unformatted text from say TextEditor on Mac and paste it into some text in a paragraph in Webflow designer, it regards 2 or more consecutive spaces as only 1.