Sorting and organising by date


We’re setting up the first site here for a client. As part of this we need to manually migrate a larger collection of aricles into a collection. The articles are supposed to appear in the order they were published in. The publication dates reach a few years back into the past, so we’d like the original publication date to appear with the article, and we would like them to be sorted by those. While the migration is in process, new articles will also be published. It seems as if none of the three dates (modified/crated/published) can be changed, so how would be solve this so that old an new articles can be shown with their correct dates and in that order?

Also, all articles are supposed to be shown in one scrolling page, but we need to insert sub-headings into the overview list of articles, showing the year. E.g. all the articles publihed in 2015 are preceeded with ‘2015’ as a sub-heading. What is the smartest way to do this in Webflow?

Sorry for asking – but I’m only getting started, so I want to be sure I’m not missing something. Many thanks.

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The dates reflect when the data reach the database so they can’t be altered.

However in this case you could dreate an “archive” category and add a manual date reflecting the original.

The list the content as archived content and use the manual date to sort it.

The list it by year, make a dynamic list, limit it to one year, add a title in front of it with the year, then repeat underneath with a new title and a new sorted dynamic list.

Thank you for your reply. Sounds like a reasonable work-around, so thank your for taking the time.