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CMS: populating layout chronologically

Hi Webflow peeps!

I’m working on a blog and as you may guess have to address pagination. I’m trying to design a good solution that will work for eventually hundreds of articles on one category page. In order to avoid super long scrolling pages that take forever to load, I’ve thought of a layout that could be great, but I’m not sure if it’s possible in Webflow.

Essentially, this would be a category page. So all of the articles would be of the same category. What I want to know is if it is possible to set one section (the hero section) to dynamically populate with the latest article added by my content editors in that category, and then set the second section to populate from the 2nd-5th latest articles and the third section to the 6th-11th.

Below is an example of a basic version of the layout I have in mind.

Can anyone tell me if this is achievable?

Thanks so much for any suggestions or ideas!

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Yes, three Collection Lists with same filter and sort order, but designed differently.

Each will have different settings here:

Hi @samliew. Thanks for jumping in here!

I’m new to the CMS and working on a blog someone else designed. So I just want to make sure I totally understand your suggestion and how to apply it.

As currently designed, I have three CMS Collections lists - Author, Articles, and Categories. There are only two categories currently, but that will be changing to 6.

So, in order to achieve the above layout with dynamic, chronologically ordered content from the same blog post category, would I need to make three copies of the Collection list “Categories”? OR, on the category page layout itself, would I need to just have three Dynamic List Wrappers pulling from the same category of the Collection List “Categories” and set each Wrapper to limit items as you’ve pointed out above?

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Thanks so much!

No, your Collection List should be bound to Articles, but filtered by the Current Category, and then Ordered By Date, and Limit items to Start at 1 and Limit to 1.

Then you duplicate it two times (copy and paste paste), change the other Limits.

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Got it @samliew! Thanks so much!!!