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I was wondering if I have a collection of posts that are filtered by ‘Publish oldest to newest’ how am I able to make any changes or updates to the content without having to republish and therefore change the order? If I need to update once particular post, I don’t want to order to be rearranged because of this… do I need to add a date to post or how can I achieve this?

Thank you.

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Hi @chicane,

I am pretty sure that as long as you don’t publish the individual item, and only press ‘save’ it will keep the original publish date and won’t re-sort the items.

If I press ‘save’ then it lists as ‘staged for publish’ - I thought this meant that you would have to publish again for the changes to appear. Or am I wrong? If I just save will it update even if it’s already published?

Press ‘save’ (not save as draft) and then publish the hole site.

Yes, I have done this but it doesn’t work. It changes the order so the last post that I made changes to becomes the first post. Like my original question, I need to know how I can edit without it affecting the publishing order of newest to oldest.

What criteria are you sorting the list by?

It’s in a collection list wrapper of three columns with only the sort order to publish newest to oldest. Nothing else.

Then you can change it to ‘created on’

I could but because they were all created at different times on same date then it loses the order that I want them in. Hence, manually making sure I publish each post in order I want to appear on page. The only problem being if I notice a change required, then I have to make all posts draft versions and then republish one by one which is very annoying as you could imagine.

Well, I have to agree - If you do not plan ahead your posts, and publishing times, re-ordering everything is annoying… :sweat_smile:

It’s a bit hard to do when you are setting site up with all content at once. Adding to the content will be fine as it will be staggered but the initial posts are frustrating. I was wondering if I could add a field with another date that it could then use rather than the default ones?

Yes, of course you can add any date field.

But if I alter the dates to each post in the Collection field then how will this affect the sort order? Will it recognise this date or be overridden by the default Webflow of ‘created’ ‘published on’ ‘updated on’ options?

You can sort by different fields in your collection. If you add a date field, you can sort the collection by that date.

Maybe I will try this and see if it works…

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