Something went wrong while trying to save your site

I’m encountering a continuous error message when try to save changes for mobile devices.

Webflow - Website Builder
Something went wrong while trying to save your site. Please contact

Could be a bug with background images. Can you give us the classname of the element that’s broken and your read only link please?

now it works. no code or design changes at all.
I have a hero section classed as “hero”.

As hero’s generally go… the container has a large image.

As usual… I enable heros on the desktops and tablets
and hide them on phones.

That’s exactly what I did today.

I hid the hero section on phones… tried to exit the designer
and received the error message.

I even restarted Chrome (sometimes it’s a browser issue)… made the change - same message.

I even the computer - made the change - same message.

Only difference this time - after again receiving the error message

  • I reloaded the project… made the change - and let it sit there for about an hour
  • before existing the project.

This time no error message.

I have since tested the change - (setting off / exiting the project / setting it on / existing the project)
several times… and no error message.

Project is due today. Client has a grand opening tomorrow.

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