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Getting error while changing background image

I can´t edit some elements like background images etc. Whats´s the reason. The element are not clickable in the editor.

Hi @Bettina_Lucas, could you share your read only link?



@Bettina_Lucas could you give me a little more info on exactly what issue you are encountering? Screenshots or a video recording would be helpful.


on my section “navbar” i can´t open the background image at “Image & Gradient”. it´s the headerbg.jpg.
and i can´t edit the height for the navbar section. there comes the info that there is a problem to save the changements and i should contact the webflow support.

how can i sent you a screenshot?

i can´t work with webflow at the moment. it´s since yesterday evening. there are a lot things i can´t edit

Hi @Bettina_Lucas, this is an issue that can affect certain classes with bg images… Could you try to create a new combo class on the navbar class, and then try to set the bg image?

Let me know if that helps

i can´t add a new class. it is not clickable for me. it comes the message “something went wrong while trying to save the site. contant the webflow support”. it is not possible to click on several elements. it does not work in chrome and safari.

Now it works. i tried it. what´s the reason???

Hi @Bettina_Lucas, it is an issue that is being investigated. I am glad it works now. Sorry for the trouble !

Now i have the problem again. i can´t work with webflow because a lot of elements in the editor are not clickable. It´s always the info message that something went wrong…contact webflow support.

Hi @Bettina_Lucas, are you using Safari or Chrome when using Webflow?

I am only using Google chrome for mac

Can you please help. There are always errors in the editor.

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