[SOLVED] How to change global Para / Header styles? For CMS linked Rich Text Blocks

I have designed a CMS page that will be populated with blog posts. You can see in the screenshot below there is a different colour for both the Heading Text (White) and the Paragraph text (Grey), however changing the colour of this text box only changes the Heading text and not the Paragraph text. If I link the text colour as a dynamic style and set the colour in the CMS blog entry, it still only changes the Heading text.

I have read a few other forum posts that suggest I need to change the global styles, however I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this. If I create a new text box and search for the global tag, nothing comes up. I’m only able to select new classes that I have created. Annoyingly I can see the styling set in the “Style Manager” but there’s no option to edit.


Furthermore, I’d like to change the colour of this quote border and I’m having the same issues. There’s no option to set this style through the Rich Text Box so I’m assuming its pulling from a global border style.

Any help is much appreciated!

I just solved this myself but thought I’d leave up incase anyone else has the same issue.

I realised I had to go to any other static page that wasn’t a CMS template page.

The other issue is that I was dropping in a “text block” and not a “Paragraph block.” Once I dropped in the correct block on a static page, I was able to select the global tag and edit the styling. Same goes for the quote block.

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