Can't change font size and color in rich text


I can’t change the block rich text’s color and font size.
I’ve checked in the selectors but I can’t find anything.

Could you help me?

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HI, looks like you’ve trying to style a rich text element that is connected to CMS.

Here’s how I do it.

First you need to create another rich text element on the site, this one is not gonna be connected to CMS, give it a class for this example I use .rich-text-CMS, the same one as the CMS connected one.


Now, let’s try styling heading 1 in the non CMS rich text, it will look something like this, make sure you select the nest selector inside of .rich-text-CMS

Here’s how it looks after selecting the nested element.

now when you make style changes to the classes that have nested inside of the {name of your class}, the changes should be made in the rich text CMS as well.

Hope this helped.

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Thanks for your tip, I’m going to do it and as soon as I succeed, I’ll mark as the solution.

Done! Many thanks for your help.:slight_smile:

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