Webflow CMS rich text styling

I am trying to design my CMS page for articles on my site and having trouble. I have spent ages trying to format the Heading and Paragraphs within the Rich Text Element.

I am unable to select individual components within the Rich Text Block (eg headings) nor am I able to edit the Global Classes which I believe are impacting this. I believe it since webflow done some recent updates and getting significantly frustrated.

I use ChatGPT to help me with this but it is also lost telling me to find things that simply arent there (unless iv lost my head).

Can anyone help?

Style selector panel on left has all the stuff but I cannot edit the font or colours of any… nor can I edit the connected rich text element to my CMS for ARticles.

Hi Naeem, this might help-

This video is 5 years old. NA. I’m now having new issues styling RTE elements myself in CMS. This used to work fine having an external RTE block On a style page or as a duplicated block that’s not connected in a hidden element, but this no longer works.

I even tried styling a non-connected RTE element to a Collection Connected rich text element with the exact same class. The changes I make to the nonconnected element will not update the same class in the connected element. Something’s definitely going on here and I don’t know what the issue is, but it started becoming an issue recently. In 5 years of using Webflow never saw this be an issue before. This makes no sense anymore. What are me missing?

This is basic par formatting situation and the class added to both paragraph and RTE wont update in collection text… The other issue I noticed is that when you disconnect your rich text connected element, it completely deletes the text that was there before versus showing you your typical rich text template layout Weblow would auto generate.

Hasn’t changed, so there’s nothing for me to update.
RTB’s still work the same way-

  • Assign a class to the unbound RTB
  • Select an RTE within it, like a paragraph
  • In style, indicate you want your styling to affect only paragraphs within that RTB ( checkbox near the top )
  • Style
  • Bind

Ok yup that is how it used to work for me up until recently. Seems like a bug for sure I am experiencing. I just reached out to Webflow support with a video. No matter what I do or how I style that element it just keeps reverting back to Times Roman instead my formatted style as shown above. Adding or changing class names has zero effect on the RTB. Thanks for your response confirming the logic!

Things break regularly, so that’s a real possibility, but I’d do self-help routine first-
Disable all browser extensions, clear the cache. Make sure ad blockers are off in the designer.
That solves a lot of issues.

Let us know what happens with support!