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Webflow + OVH: "A Records issue"

Hello community,

I’m a happy user of Webflow : I got a website working on:

But redirection doesn’t work when you go to:

Problem seems to come from the DNS Records at my provider, OVH :

I’ve double checked at my DNS records, and they are both added :

I’m not that much tech savvy on this topic. Anyone can help?

Have a great day

Hi @fxf,

Just delete the TXT records.

Good day!

I had another A records. I just deleted it! I didn’t need to delete the TXT records in my case.

Looks like it’s redirected and propagated anyways. Good job!

FYI: Txt records have nothing to do with client resolving and would never need to be removed to resolve DNS issues in Webflow.

Hi @webdev,

There was a specific issue with OVH that kept people from propagating their CNAME. Removing TXT entries was also the proposed solution from OVH.