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DNS / CNAME Issues with custom domain & hosting provide (again:()

Hey, hey (first project and post, I guess …)

I am helping out a friend with a new website.
Aaaand now I am stuck and need your help.

The website is finished, but I have a hick-up with the CNAME record. A lot has already been answered by you all. I tried to finish all the steps as already explained in some threads - unfortunately I am stuck with the CNAME record that only allows me to put a proxy-ssl. before the domain. That was the answer I got from the Swtichplus Helpdesk.

The A records are working fine.
The hoster only lets me add the following CNAME record: CNAME

When I type it in in whatsmydns - I see nothing : /
I tried to change the CNAME to on the hosting side with the, I see it in but then I have the issue of too many redirects when using any bowser.

Since I am not allowed to add another CNAME record on the URL.

Attached the screenshots.

The website URL is:

The Webflow IO domain.

Sorry to have the same topic as so many before but I just do not find a way around it, so that the website goes live.
Any help is gladly appreciated.

Thank you

Based on your settings in Webflow, you want www to be the subdomain. So normally you would set that value as the hostname in the CNAME record that points to


Hi webdev

Thank you for clarifying that up.
As of now, I have the following error after the changes: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
and “www” automatically updates to in the name server …
in whatsmydns - the url without “www” shows no CNAME Record - but
with www - now the is now there. So that should be fine, right?

Any info on what I did wrong now? : /


You need to go back to webflow settings to link your default domain, now that www is resolving correctly. If it won’t link you need to wait, then try again. It could take 12 hours or more for the record changes to propagate.