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SnipCart integration in Webflow (manage product quantity)

I am new user of weblow, but i already love it.
I try to build a e-commerce with SnipCart.
I found this very helpfull topic :
by @couellet

But in his sample site, the user is not able to visit a product details page. And i really want one.
that is ok (i created a collection, and each item of my collection links to the product page template).

here the template page :

For the “add to cart” button, i need custom attibutes set with values from webflow CMS. This is not possible.
So, to create it, i used embed html :

That works pretty good.

The problem :
I want the user is able to change the quantity in webflow. I created a textfield to change this value, And in found this topic (point 2) to help me :
I add this JS in the page :

I log the value changing, but in fact nothing happens when i click “add to cart button” the quantity stay set to default value.
Haves someone an idea ? thank you.

Here is the specific page link :
Here is my public share link:

Hum I created this pen and it seems to be working with the exact same code.

However, I noticed that you have jquery incuded twice on your site. In the top before adding snipcart.js and it’s also included in the bottom of your page. I recommend moving snipcart.js after the last jquery and remove the one in the header of the website.

Can you give it a try?

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Thank you so much ! It was just that.

  1. Est-ce que le problème de quantité a été réglé?
  2. Êtes-vous rendu à la customization du “cart” de snipcart?

J’ai besoin d’aide à ce niveau si possible Julien…

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Oui le problème de quantité est réglé.
Je ne suis pas encore passé à la customization du “Cart” de SnipCart

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Ok merci je ferai des recherches sur ce sujet