Is it really not possible to use cutsom attributes for dynamic content (cms)? Trying to implement Snipcart

I’m trying to implement snipcart with my cms. I need to use the custom attributes feature.
There is a guy who managed it: SnipCart integration in Webflow (manage product quantity)
But when i try to do the same thing (I mean literally the same way he does it) it doesn’t work. Can someone find the problem? I worked on this project for so long and now it’s not possible to implement it?

I tried using a static element with the snipcart and it worked. In the devtools i see that the static button (which adds the product to bag and works) is converted from a button to an < a > and there is no “snipcart-add-item” class anymore. If i look at the embedded HTML File Button (which has the CMS attributes and doesn’t work sadly), there is still the class and everything stays like it is. My presumption is that the html embed can’t get called from snipcart

I hope this was understandable, pls tell me if it wasn’t

Here is my public share link: LINK

NVM i fixed it heh. Snipcart doesn’t like comma prices. Swaped the commas with dots :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m struggling to set up Snipcart on my ecommerce project. Can you help? The embed isn’t responding on-click

I got it to respond using your method. Thank you very much

I still had an issue styling the button though. If I add a div with another class name and change the embed class name, it becomes inactive again

Works fine now. Thank God I came across this solution.