Help: Snipcart Integration

Hi, I’m trying to integrate Snipcart into my webflow project with no luck so far. I don’t know if I’m missing something but my Add to cart button isn’t clicking. I watched Pixel Geek’s tutorial for this and I believe I followed the steps correctly.

My site read only link

No one helped you right ? I did the same and it didnt work out too…

I got it to work. If it’s a personal project, can you share a read-only link so I can help or maybe share what you need help with

Hey mate thanks for answering me

Here is the link

as you can see, the add to cart button works, but when I go to my account, it doesn’t, I tried many times, different things, named the div block, etc… the customer dashboard doesn’t show off,

and dunno why the add to cart panel is hidden by the sticky nav menu … hmm

Take the script in HTML Embed 7 and go to custom code section in project settings. Paste it in the Footer Code

Kindly share the outcome after you do that

Hello mate, thank you for trying to help, I add the code and nothing changed, the My account button stil doesn’t work…

Only way I can test is on a published site. Have you published on the local webflow domain, if yes, can you share the link?

Sure here is the link Page Pro

2 different pages

I’ve inspected your website and I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with it. Looks like you’ve done everything right imo

Still don’t get what is wrong, I’ve tried the Add To Cart class as you mentioned and it opens the panel. I’m surprised at this development.

About the sticky panel hiding the add to cart panel, you can paste this code in Footer Code in your project settings

document.addEventListener("snipcart.ready", function () { 
window.addEventListener("hashchange", () => {
    const currentUrl = window.location.href;
    const subPaths = [
    const navbar = document.querySelector("#Top");
    //if current url contains any of the subpaths, hide navbar
    if (subPaths.some((v) => currentUrl.includes(v))) { = "none";
    } else { = "flex";


I believe the issue may be connected to the fact that you’re using Webflow’s E-Commerce option. I’m not 100% certain but that is just a suggestion

Mate, thanks for the help, we tried our best together, I think the problem is from snip cart, now from us :smiley:

Yes, I agree with you. You can look at other solutions

Do you know anything else who’s similar to Snipcart and that I can integrate into web flow ?

You can check Foxycart


Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. Details about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here:

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Thanks you for replying here, I’ve tried to contact snipcart, even wrote something in the forum no one helped me, seems like Foxy knows his job better than they do :slight_smile:

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We’re here to help if you need anything at all.


Hi @Copernic00

Did you get Snipcart to work yet? I have it on my site.