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Adding custom quantity to Stripe Checkout code

Hi! I’ve been trying to integrate Stripe’s client-side pre-built checkout flow with a CMS collection, where a customer will click a checkout button for a specific CMS product, and be linked to the associated Stripe checkout page. So far, everything seems to work well, except for the ability to adjust the product quantity. I found Stripe documentation that covers how to do that here, but I’m guessing this is only possible server-side, though please correct me if I’m wrong.

My other idea is to capture the quantity from the user on the Webflow-side, and simply add that to the stripe checkout button code (see image below) as a number. This would actually be preferable, that way I can only add that for CMS products that actually accept different quantities. I’m not a coder unfortunately, and I’m guessing this would require custom code.

Any ideas on how to proceed with this? Thanks so much!

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