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Smooth scroll all of a sudden just jumps to section

Hey guys! For some reason my smooth-scroll all of a sudden jumps to the next section both on the published site and the designer. It was working perfect yesterday, so I looked in my backups and it no longer works on those either. I’ve already tried adding the data-scroll-time attribute, but that doesn’t fix it either. Any ideas? It’s the round arrow button in the header and footer. Any advice would be much appreciated : )

Here is my read-only: Webflow - LIGHT Initiative

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Hey, I got the same problem. Yesterday everything was ok ;/ It does not work when link block contains other div blocks, images. It works only if I click only link block ( for example the corner, so that I won’t click the image )
Hoping for help :slight_smile:

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Oh wow I just noticed that on mine too! It does scroll if I click outside the div block and only the link-block. Weird! Switching this to the bugs category then.

I have the same issue.
Webflow did an update that cancel the smooth scrolling if the user has a preference in his setting (check this post to see if it is your case: Smooth scroll not working). But I checked and it seems that it is not my case.
I posted here to see if someone can help :Smooth scrolling to an anchor stop working)
Hope they’ll answer quickly

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When I check this, next to Smooth Scrolling it says “Not Available On Your Platform.”
I don’t see a way to change that, is that what it’s supposed to say?

Looks like mine is working again for now! Not sure if Webflow updated again, but I’d check to see if yours are working now if you had that problem too :+1:

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That’s right! Now it’s working again and I hope for a long time :slight_smile:

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