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In-page linking transitions too harsh

I recently tried to make some changes to my portfolio (which I’ve made thus far), but I came across a bug that deals with the transitions for in-page linking. On my About page, when you click the rotating circle, the transition becomes much more harsh and less fluid than it was a few hours ago (it was just a typical standard Webflow in-page linking transition), and I’m not sure if I can even change it on my end because it’s a built-in Webflow transition.

My other transitions are fine, and I’m curious if this a bug on my end. Are other people experiencing some issues with in-page linking transitions?

Thanks guys for your help.

UPDATE: All of my in-page linking seems to be broken across my website. Not sure as to why.

Here is my public share link:

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Having this same problem. I was just about to make a post.

Published link: QUADrature - Galerie de l'UQAM - Exhibition: Temps longs

I definitely think this is a Webflow issue! I’ve created new projects and all of them are having some trouble with in-page linking.

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Just made a post on this too. My in-page links no longer scroll but just jump to the section. They were working fine yesterday. Even checked my backups and they aren’t working anymore either : (

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Guys, don’t fret, its happened before, they do something behind the scenes and it breaks.
They will sort it out in a day or two.

Yeah, i just had the same issues but hopefully it’s a bug and gets resolved soon!

Same, I edited my page and noticed my in-page link buttons are jumping to the respective sections. Hope it gets resolved soon :frowning:

Hi @Kristoffer and others, a recent update was pushed out, could you let me know if you are still experiencing the issue with the links and the instant jump behavior vs the smooth scroll?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it seems to work now on my end, doesn’t jump anymore between sections. Thanks!

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