Smooth scroll not working

Hi everyone! I’ve been using webflow for a while and this is the first time this ever happened to me.

When I link to another section in the same page, the scroll is not smooth! it just jumps to the section like a crazy person :smiley:

Read only link: Webflow - New website

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Hi @pabloguidi. The smooth scrolling was working for me when I tried.

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Hi there – Webflow made an update that will turns off the smooth-scroll feature on a published Webflow site if the user has prefers-reduced-motion enabled on the browser or OS.

The goal here is to minimize harm as much as possible in excessive animations, in cases where users have set this setting on.

Can you check to see if the reduced-motion setting is turned on in your browser or OS? Try turning the setting OFF and confirm it works as expected.

On Mac: System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Reduce motion
On Windows 10: Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Simplify and personalize Windows > Show animation in Windows
On Chrome: Load chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling


Monica, you are amazing! This is exactly what was going on, I had disabled every windows ‘pretty’ feature for performance, I did that and now the animation is back on!

Thank you so much!!! Have an amazing 2021 :smile:


@anonymon thank you so much! That answered the same issue for me too :slight_smile:

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Hi @CoryRunn, @pabloguidi, @Raminta_Drimeikyte

We apologize for any confusion caused earlier without our notification of the change in smooth-scrolling newly respecting user settings.

We’ll be re-shipping this change in the next week or so. You can read about the change here:

Before we re-ship this, I’d like to confirm you don’t have issues when it becomes live by inviting you to the beta. Read this gist to give the beta a try!

If you have any questions about this feature or feedback for Webflow’s accessibility team, please reply in a thread here! Don’t hesitate to tag me or @EJ_Mason!

HELP! Can you please advise if this is related… my site that has worked great for months, suddenly the section links do not reach the section they are linked to. They stop scrolling in the middle of the section prior, you cannot even see the correct section in the frame at all. I did not change anything and have no custom code. Even a sudden jump to the section would be preferred over what is currently happening which is not reaching the right page section at all.

@EJ_Mason, @anonymon

Hi @mwdesign – we haven’t yet shipped the change to reduce scrolling.

Do you mind sharing a preview link to your project so we can take a look? (Feel free to DM me)

I can’t follow you.
Why did Webflow do that change?

How can some generate a serious harm (of a what? an internet-device? a browser?) by smooth
Is Webflow afraid that there will be lawsuits against them as a result?

Please let me know.

Let at least the website-creater choose if smooth-scroll is enabled or not - not Webflow.

Kind regards