Slow page issue

Hi speed test is showing page loads very slow - 81 on desktop and only 25 on mobile.
Any ideas what may cause that? I have cleaned up all unused animations and styles, but not the unused images - do you think its worth doing it?

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Images sitting on a CDN don’t contribute to a page load unless they are included in the CSS or HTML. You can optimize images before loading them to Webflow and that should be done based on the max display size you use in your design. There are plenty of posts about optimizing a project for page speed scores and plenty of documentation online. If that does not get you there consider hiring an expert.

OK so unused images don’t affect the speed. I’ve done this test Website Speed Test and Website Analysis – Free test | Dareboost so I see that the images are not the biggest issue (I’ve already reduced the video size) but general the page weight (5.6MB) - is there any way to delay the loading in webflow? Lazy load on background images/videos?

Webflow provides a lazy attribute that is enabled by default. Browsers that support it do.

I know but does it also apply to background images and videos?

The web is full of wonderful resources like … Lazy loading - Web Performance | MDN (

Well that’s not really helpful since I don’t see the option how to apply this to webflow :confused: I tried to use custom attribute on background video but it doesn’t work :confused: is there any option to apply lazy load onto background images or videos? I see the only way to have lazy load on background (without custom code) is to apply img in a div block with absolute position :confused:

I have this same issue. I have built a site with tons of sliders. The images are all the BG of the slide, so they are not lazy loading, I guess? Is there a way to make them do that? My page takes forever to load because it’s trying to load all the images at once.

@hazen - Nope. Learn to use images as normal elements instead, which is semantic and allows for responsive image generation by Webflow. Dropping 13MB of images on a visitor has a way of killing site performance.