Page Speed Load Sucks - Very Slow

Hi Guys,

It’s been a several months now of testing, but my website just doesn’t get past 30 performance score in page speed dev checks.


I’ve tried removing all custom code and removing some blocks I thought were heavy at Home Speed Test - still no change.

Compressed all images as hard as possible.
Nothing is above 300KB

Surely I must be missing something obvious here - It’s just painfully slow.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Looks like you just need to address the issues highlighted from the page speed insights, which are all possible with a Webflow website:

  • Don’t lazy load images above the fold.
  • For all images, use WebP instead of a PNG, it’ll load way faster and not ding your performance as much.
  • You have a lot of static JS files loading. Put them on a CDN with a cache policy (Stripe, Facebook, PayPal are your biggest offenders). You could probably also defer load them if you don’t need them immediately on page load.
  • Switch from GTM to Zaraz, it’s way more performant and you can do the same stuff but it’s all server-side, that’ll be a big boost in performance for you. This will allow you to deploy GA4, Facebook pixels, etc… and anything else without impacting your page speed. I would load all of your external scripts this way that aren’t immediately required on page load.
  • Use explicit width and height in the HTML then use CSS to adjust the size of the image. Try to make sure the images are similar to the display size. Ideally you should load mobile-friendly sizes on mobile.

While you’re adjusting these things, I’d also go ahead and knock out the accessibility, best practices and SEO recommendations. Those should be easy to get 100/100 on.

What I was referencing:

Except when you have site visitors that are on older versions of Safari since that file format is not supported on them and Webflow provides no fallback.

Webflow included assets don’t give you that option.

Not possible unless you move your DNS to Cloudflare and you proxy, which creates other issues so tread carefully.

Looks like you are using a LLM, if so vet every response or don’t bother posting it as it would not be helpful to the poster.

That’s not LLM, just a real human response based on what I implemented for a Webflow hosted site to get better performance ¯_(ツ)_/¯